What makes us special

Why should you enroll your child at Good Will Children Private school which teaches the British curriculum?

You're certainly not alone in making a vital decision for your child’s future. Many parents want to know what defines the Cambridge curriculum? What makes it so special? Is it a good fit for your child's education?

Let's take a look at the journey of learning offered by the school:


We offer a curriculum that is a broad, balanced and student centered that which covers all major sciences and humanities subjects. With a rigorous and well-organized processes, the curriculum has been designed to give our students, parents and teachers a clear overview of progress at every educational stage. Each learner is provided with targets and a clear pathway to help them identify, work towards and achieve their academic goals. Teachers keep track of progress and encourage achievement all the way from primary school to lower secondary level. We believe that our students should have strong core academic skills, a broad analytical thinking ability and be capable of operating in a rapidly changing world.

Early/Middle & Lower Secondary Years

Each stage in Education is important but it has been scientifically proven that the early and pre-school years are the ‘most important’ as they lay the foundations for future learning and success. Good Will Children Private school approach is successful because we have designed a programme which is firmly based on published, scientific and educational research. We offer a wide range of engagement opportunities at Early Learning Stages. Learning starts at an early age of 3.8 years through flexible and creative programs in our KG 1 and KG 2 classrooms. The core literacy and numeracy skills are developed through the use of explicit, direct instructional learning in the Junior Years.

The staff are highly trained, skilled and passionate about early years learning. They know how important it is to work in partnership with parents and for young children to have secure attachments with people who care about them, who want the best for them and want for each child to have a head start to his or her education and life.

In the Middle and lower Secondary Years, a combination of explicit instruction and student-centered learning is used to broaden analytical thinking and problem solving, coupled with a wide range of subject choices available which ensures that there are programs to suit all students' interests and abilities.

Creativity & critical thinking

The Cambridge curriculum has been developed to promote independent critical thinking and embrace creativity. At our school, students study all of the essential subjects, focusing on developing creative thinking, forward planning and the development of all important life skills. Our goal is to help our young students to meet the challenges of a changing world. Therefore, our teachers are trained to grow active, inquisitive learners and to help students voice their own ideas with confidence and flourish academically and personally.

Enquiry and Technology in our classrooms

We are always aiming to find new and creative ways to fuel learning and continually striving to improve the way we teach. Our emphasis on enquiry-based approaches, both within and beyond traditional learning environments, implementation of new technology, smart boards, i-pads and blended learning is beneficial and therefore visible in our classrooms.


Our diversity within our school gives our students the unique opportunity to study and experience other cultures, other languages and other belief systems through social interaction and exciting, global initiatives. This cultural richness instills a unique international understanding in our students; skills they need to succeed in an increasingly globalised world.